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5 tips to help you buy your ideal home this summer

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

As spring rolls in and with warmer days ahead in summer, Claude guarantees there’s more buyers out house-hunting before the Christmas holiday season sets in.

The market is perfect if you’re planning to buy and the next couple of months should give you a wide range of choice (depending on the suburb). He’s put together five handy tips to help you find and secure your ideal home during the spring/summer season.

1. Consider your ‘must-haves’

Be clear about what you want in a property. In particular, consider any deal breakers and what you can live with/without. Do this before you start looking online or go to home opens.

By having a checklist, your search will be much easier as you can narrow down a list of properties to view, and you will be able make to an offer much quicker if you find your ideal home.

2. Assess your finances

The first step is to consider your finances, particularly when working out how much you can afford to pay for your dream home.

Put yourself ahead of the game by speaking to an experienced mortgage broker, and I suggest obtaining pre-approval for a home loan. Doing this will give you a competitive advantage when negotiating an offer or competing against other buyers for the same property.

3. Understand your budget and have a maximum price in mind

This tip goes hand in hand with the point No. 2 above. Buying a home, particularly one you plan to live in, can be an emotional decision and often buyers make choices based on their ‘feel’ of a property.

Be sure to work out the logistics in this case, including:

  • A budget

  • How much you can afford to repay on a home loan each month

  • Your maximum offer price

This will help you when researching properties, as you will have a clear price range in mind and can avoid the disappointment that comes with viewing homes outside that range.

4. Consider a buyer’s agent

Much like a seller’s agent for a seller, a buyer’s agent can represent you and help you find your ideal home.

A buyer’s agent will:

  • Research the market

  • Attend home opens and auctions

  • Provide advice on price, value, growth and location

A buyers agent will help you negotiate the offer, avoid costly mistakes and better understand the buying/selling process. There will be a fee for this service but there is value in enlisting such a service.

5. Don’t rush in

Sometimes it may feel like you are on a time crunch when searching for your perfect home, especially in spring and summer with the Christmas period so close.

However, purchasing a property is one of the biggest investments you might make, so be sure to take your time, explore what’s on the market and talk to a local real estate expert before you take the plunge.

If you’re in the market to buy or considering selling, Claude invites you to take advantage of his 25 years experience to put you on the right track. All it takes is a call to Claude Iaconi – Edison Property on 0412 427 877 and you could be on your property journey.


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