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Marketing your property

“Most agents have the same tools to sell your home. Occasionally some do it better than others.” - Claude Iaconi



You’re in good hands with Claude

Claude Iaconi does not believe in the factory approach to selling real estate unlike other real estate agents who “list them and churn them out”. He brings his own style, a fresh approach and a different conversation.


Claude is an industry reference point for providing his clients a highly customised advice to sell your property at a premium price. He will advise on how best to prepare the home for sale whilst his cost-effective media campaign will provide penetrating reach to your particular target market.


His focus is on tenaciously defending the value of his clients property in any market. Any suburb. Any property type.  With a clear understanding of the local property market, he can target qualified buyers through his personal and agency databases which will naturally result in giving his clients, what he calls, a Sellers Advantage.


Local and Lovin it!

Claude makes it well known that he is passionate about inner city real estate and the lifestyle benefits it provides. He teams up with his sellers to provide a service that is personalised, professional and collaborative. Being a life-long inner city resident and investor, no other agent can match his credentials to upsell the nuances of your property and the suburb in which it is located.  This gives your future buyer absolute confidence and comfort that the agent they’re dealing with knows his stuff, therefore making the decision to make an offer much more easier.


He knows what sells

Claude has all the resources to promote your property to the marketplace.  There’s a plethora of online tools that  are readily on hand to create a potent marketing campaign in consultation with you to ensure absolute value for money whilst maximising your opportunity to sell at the highest possible price.


Presenting a home for sale is one aspect of his job that Claude loves and he won’t be backward in recommending how to make your property attractive in order to stimulate buyer interest.

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