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Home staging tips for a speedy winter sale.

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

With winter time generally considered to be traditionally a slower selling season, a lot of sellers are tempted to wait until spring rolls around to put their home on the market. 

The thinking behind this is that buyers go into hibernation during colder months and are not as willing to attend inspections. Not to mention homes don't look their best on cold and gloomy winter days.

However, there are several advantages for inner city sellers to take the leap in the coldest months of the year.

With lower supply in housing stock, there’s less rivalry from other similar properties while competition remains high amongst motivated buyers. This often means the seller has more room to negotiate a better sale price.

“I would even argue selling in winter can work out better for the vendor than in spring as inner city suburbs don’t experience seasonal market fluctuations”. 

We’ve prepared the following checklist to help you prep your home for a quick top price outcome this winter.

Warm = welcoming

•    Ensure heating systems and fireplaces are in tip-top condition.

•    Arrange to have gas heaters serviced, the chimney swept and ducted heating systems cleaned.

•    Use a gap filler on windows or weather stripping on doors to prevent any chilly drafts flowing through the house.

•    Add plush cushions, cosy throw rugs and luminous candles to indoor and patio furniture to create an inviting feel and warming glow.

•    Add a few cheerful pops of colour (i.e. A vase of sunflowers, houseplants, books, an abstract artwork or a bowl of green apples) to your interiors to add character and bring the home to life.

•    Add floor rugs to chilly timber, polished concrete, the patio and tiled flooring for instant warmth.

•    Highlight cosy features at inspections and in property advertising such as patio heaters, floor heating, open fireplaces, heated towel rails and outdoor fire pits.

Kerb appeal winners

•    Clean out gutters and unblock drains.

•    Rake up leaves and other garden debris.

•    Replace any loose or damaged roof tiles.

•    Mow the lawn.

•    Prune trees, hedges and shrubs.

•    Weed garden beds.

•    Remove cobwebs from the home’s exterior.

•    Paint the front door a cheery and inviting colour. Be different! Try duck egg blue,   zesty lime and millennial pink.

•    Repaint or repair the front fence and gate.

•    Lay out a new front door mat.

•    Plant flowering plants in garden beds and window boxes.

•    Add pot plants beside entryways.

•    Pressure wash the driveway, path pavers, deck and front porch.

•    Ensure garbage bins are out of sight for inspections.

Light & bright tricks

•    Clean windows inside and out to let the light flood in.

•    A fresh coat of white paint to walls and ceilings can work wonders to lighten and freshen up dreary interiors.

•    Steam clean curtains.  

•    Wipe clean blinds and shades.

•    Open all curtains, shutters and blinds during inspections.

•    Dust lampshades, pendant lighting and light fixtures.

•    Replace light bulbs with warm and higher wattage bulbs.

•    Add a sensor light or lamp sconces to the front porch.

•    Turn on all lighting (lamps, overhead lights, range-hood lights and outdoor fairy lights) for inspections.

•    Introduce large mirrors to maximise natural light in any dark rooms or corners.

Make it sparkle 

•    Vacuum and steam clean all carpets and rugs.

•    Clean and polish stainless-steel kitchen appliances. Don’t forget the top of the fridge and canopy range-hood!

•    Refinish timber floors or replace carpeting (if necessary).

•    Regrout tiled flooring and surfaces.

•    Scrub showers, sinks, bathtubs, loos and laundry troughs.

•    Declutter the pantry, cupboards, garage, garden shed and all surfaces to showcase storage space.

I hope this checklist helps put you on the right path to a successful winter sale this season. Call me anytime on 0412 427 87 to arrange an assessment of your property. 

Happy selling!


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