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Homes staged to perfection

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Presenting a home as attractively as possible before putting it on the market is nothing new; a fresh coat of paint, clearing the clutter and sprucing up the gardens are all part of selling a home.

Home staging, however, takes the idea of making a home look more attrac­tive to a whole new level, by bringing in furniture, artwork, rugs or flowers to create a certain lifestyle that will appeal to buyers.

Edison Property's inner city expert Mr Claude Iaconi said it was quite common to see home staging taking place in the Perth property market.

“Buyers are often unable to see how to live in a home,” Mr Iaconi said. “Staging the home allows a seller to present their home in the best light and demonstrate the best use of space and rooms. People are recognising the importance of first im­pressions and the compet­itive advantage it can give them over other homes for sale in the market.”

The idea is if a prop­erty is better presented, it will photograph well and you will get more people through the door.

So should all people considering selling look into home staging?

“Staging is not always necessary – it is a case by case basis,” Mr Iaconi explained. “My experience allows me to advise my clients which direction to go in and whether the cost of staging is going to add value to the final sale price. But for top end homes that are trying to achieve top end prices, styling can be a necessity.”

Mr Iaconi said home staging didn’t have to be an expensive exercise.

“Depending on what is required it can be relatively inexpensive. Of course, if a home is empty and requires full furnishing it can add up quickly.”

Staging has been used effectively to reverse situations where an owner thinks the décor and furnishing are adequate. But that’s from their biased point of view.

Mr Iaconi said “Recently I convinced a seller that his Dated “grandpa furniture” caused buyers to dismiss his property immediately because of its poor online appeal. Grudgingly he invested in a furniture hire expert, brought his property pricing in line with market feedback and “presto!” we negotiated a fantastic sale price in 10 days!

Home staging is all about appeal, first impressions and having a point of difference from other competing properties – especially in the current crowded apartment market!

And while it may seem like a new trend, home staging has been used in real estate for years.

“It isn’t new, but it has experienced a resurgence in recent years due in part to the hundreds of televi­sion shows dedicated to selling and renovating.”

Considering it can be quite cost effective and attract more people through the door, home staging can certainly be an effective sales tool.

“It’s a huge industry and there are hundreds of web­sites dedicated to helping people stage their homes,” Mr Iaconi said. “Alternatively you can hire a professional which can save you a lot of money and time in the long run.”

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